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TR1 Trichological Revolution Super Hair Foam *NEW*

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Product description

TR1 Super Hair Foam Treatment

TR1 Development

Origenere has spent the past 5 years developing the new TR1 Super Hair Formula Foam. In order to prove the effectiveness of the TR1 the Origenere researchers have conducted a 20 patient 3 month study that include patients from every age, ethnic group and class of hair loss.

The Study on TR1 - Vellus & Terminal Hair Increased on average over all zones

TR1 Super hair formula was applied daily on the whole scalp of the patient for the whole 3 months. Sophisticated software and cameras were used to count hair development and identify hair in various hair cycles. Please see the picture of the result chart for the acutal results which were an average increase in Terminal and Vellus hair across the different classes and zones of hair loss. (vellus hair is colourless thin hair that will develop into terminal hair over time). Note that a decrease in the number of Vellus hair means these hair developed into terminal hair.

TR1 in comparison to Minoxidil & Propecia

In Origenere's studies TR1 has proven to be exceedingly more effective than minoxidil and Propecia. See picture of the study.

TR1 is supplied in a 60ml package - this should give over 1 months supply with average daily use.

*TR1 is ordered in specially from Origenere so will take a few days to get shipped out so please allow a little extra time.

For more information please contact us or see the Origenere website.

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