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SureThik Twist on Pump Applicator & Hair Line Applicator Comb

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Product description

Twist on Pump Applicator and Hair Line Applicator Comb 

Turn your SureThik fibres into a pump application with this revolutionary patented pump applicator. This is the most advanced applicator for fibres we have seen and makes other applicators look outdated.  

This fibre applicator is great for applying fibres to large areas and hairlines. It gives you the most even coverage for perfectly natural-looking results and could completely change the way you apply thickening fibres. This patented applicator unlike most other applicators is gravity based to feed the fibres into the spray chamber. This allows the fibres to dispense more evenly and gives a consistent flow of fibres all the way until the bottle is completely empty.

The pump applicator is supplied with 3 x different applicator nozzles. Choose your nozzle depending on how much coverage you need and where you need it.  

The pump applicator also comes with the hairline tool included which makes it easy to create a natural-looking front hairline.

This product is completely reusable and can be used again with future purchases.

How to use

1. Remove cap from SureThik® Hair Thickening Fibers. Twist and pull upward on the built-in sifter to remove.

2. Place SureThik® applicator onto bottle top. Rotate clockwise until the applicator sits into the bottle, then turn 90 degrees clockwise until the applicator locks into position.

3. Select your nozzle (Fan Applicator Nozzle, Detail Applicator Nozzle, Med Applicator Nozzle). Insert nozzle into pump outlet – rotate clockwise until the nozzle locks into place.

4. Remove plug from nozzle and store on bottom of applicator.

5. The SureThik® applicator is a gravity fed device. Position the applicator in
your palm with the bottle upward.

6. Squeeze the pump from the sides to dispense fibres.                                  

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