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Hair Expand Hair Thickening Spray


Product description

New HAIREXPAND® Hair Thickener 

Made in Germany

A specialist hair thickener tonic spray made for :

Weak thin hair: Do you feel like your hair is getting thinner and finer and have the impression that it is weak and thin? These individual hairs with their smaller diameter lack sufficient vitality and strengthening keratin/collagen building blocks.

Limp Lifeless hair: The most recognizable sign of this is that the hair lies close and lifeless on the scalp. General haircare products can damage the hair further and are of little comfort.

You can tackle the problem immediately with HAIREXPAND® hair thickener. HAIREXPAND® is a simple spray tonic used on the hair which can give a thickening effect of up to 25% of each individual hair**. Please see the pictures of the analysis and microscopic tests that were carried out of the actual hair being increased.  Makes individual hairs measurably thicker.

Hypersensitive: HAIREXPAND® is a hypersensitive especially mild formula with no added colourants, parabens or silicones. Its mild on the skin and made by a specialist renowned hair cosmetics company in Germany with many many years of experience in the industry and is especially for fine lifeless thin hair. Now also comes without fragrances - Without Perfume - Without Microplastics * Is suitable for over sensitive skin types and has been skin compatibility dermatologically tested and approved.

Specialist ingredients include:

LIQUID KERATIN COMPLEX - With liquid keratin complex for fine, thin and weak hair. This protein in HAIREXPAND® is aimed at depositing the keratin building blocks for improving the strength and resilience of the hair structure in the hair. The other purposes of the keratin complex are to form a film, retain moisture, care for the scalp and condition the hair.

LIQUID COLLAGEN COMPLEX - This protein in HAIREXPAND® is used to strengthen the hair structure. Other purposes are to smooth hair, form a film, retain moisture, care for the scalp and condition the hair

TRUE TEA BUSH LEAVES - With extracts from true tea bush leaves for strengthening, antibacterial, and hydrating properties. It also helps care for the scalp.

ALOE BARBADENSIS - With extracts from Aloe barbadensis leaves to sooth and care for the scalp.

ProVITAMIN B5 / PANTHENOL - This gives anti-static benefits for the hair and hydrates and conditions the hair and cares for the scalp.

HAIREXPAND® Thickens the actual hair itself, i.e. your own hair actually expands. The HAIREXPAND®  tonic avoids clogging up the roots of the hair and does not add a cosmetic colour to the hair to thicken. This product is a top selling German hair thickener and offers the manufacturers maximum recommended hair thickening effect to your actual hair itself while maintaining healthy hair.

From the Manufacturer:

"We have had extensive experience with the HAIREXPAND®  hair thickener for many years. The thousands upon thousands of orders and re-buys from Germany and abroad by customers and hair specialists as well as hairdressers confirm the success of this specialist hair thickening product. It allows for slightly different hair cuts to be professionally achieved easily with fine and thin hair.

HAIREXPAND®  is the successful result of many years of testing before the sales launch and the outcome of countless changes to the formula until the product finally met the development team’s and our quality standards. We can look back on vast experience with this hair thickener.”

Application is simple, quick and can be used daily at any time and for any hair type. It will not weigh down hair and the thickening effect will start immediately giving up to 25% more hair thickness **. 

Size: 150ml

HAIREXPAND® is not tested on animals.

* Formula without microplastics: As defined by the European Commission in Feb 2019 for microplastics in cosmetic values. The product claim can always refer to the content or recipe but not the product packaging.

** Manufacturing microscopy measurements from April 26th 2012. See also www.hairexpand.com for more information

Photocredit: @pixabay.com / 3856755-Orna Wachman / 3435863-Icons8_team

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