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What is a Trichologist

So what is Trichology and a Trichologist.......

Trichology is the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp. Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists who diagnose the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hairs, diseases of the scalp, and treat according to cause.  Wikipedia 

Here at D.S. Products we have the help and advice on hand of a registered Trichologist so we can offer specialist advice and services to our clients on their hair loss and hair thinning problems. Our Trichologist has been in the industry for many many years and traveled extensively researching hair loss and specific hair advancements.  When we take on new hair thickening products and instant hair thickeners they are always looked at by all of our staff who have years of experience in  this industry and hair thickening market. We do this so you don't have to and can be assured of top quality hair thickening products.

It should be noted that we also offer in clinic assessments with the Trichologist and are always happy to offer advice on the most suitable hair products.