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Hair Thickening Fibres Info

A look at hair thickening fibres...

If you haven't seen these before they are tiny little fibres that are used to thicken up individual hair and generally attach to your own fine hair by static electricity. To look at they look like tiny hair clippings and some brands even suggest the fibres are made up of a similar property to your own hair. 

We first spotted these many many years ago and since then they have gained popularity all over the world. They are quick and easy to apply by just shaking the jar and because the colour doesn't run out of the thickening fibres they are generally non messy aswell. They are suitable for men and women.

Instant hair thickening fibres come in a range of colours which do tend to differ across manufacturer and also we have noticed the size of the fibres can differ aswell. The jars come in a range of sizes to suit all needs. Taking this into consideration it may be trial and error to work out which brand is best for you. Its worth noting that the colours can be used together to get  different shades and we have many clients who use this technique.

The fibres are very effective for clients with thinning hair but its worth noting because of the way the hair thickening fibres work in attaching to fine hair it's best that clients have some hair to thicken as they won't work so well with total balding as they aren't supposed to conceal the scalp as other products do.

The static bond on instant thickening fibres can be increased greatly by using a locking mist which makes them stay in place much better. Although saying that we have customers who use them with and without so again it may be trial and error to see if this is something that you need. 

Quality...There are many low quality cheap fibres on the market place today and we have heard reports that sometimes the colour can run out of these and they can cause itching and irritation. Here at D.S. Products we only supply quality fibres that have been tried and tested and have been used for many years.

If you need any more information or have any questions on instant hair thickening fibres don't hesitate to get in touch. Otherwise have at look at our range here.